May 31, 2009

9:21 PM: ow

Been awhile. I never intended to abandon my blog, but my identity as Shannon is already being devoured by my identity as Eli's mom. It's rewarding, of course, but losing yourself in something good, even, can be a little discouraging at times. Maybe I need to come here more often and just be Shannon.
Pregnancy was hard and I hated it! I had all sorts of complications and now that it's over, not only do I have a baby with preemie digestive issues, I also have gall stones. My stomach started aching last night and we went to the ER. I figured a long time ago that I'd end up with this little benefit of pregnancy, too... it just seemed to fit right in. I have to call the doctor in the morning to schedule an appointment and then surgery. 
I know it's been a couple years, but maybe I'll have some new gross internal photos to show you soon. :)


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