May 23, 2008

12:21 PM: been awhile

I put $50 worth of gas in my car and it didn't fill the tank. I'm not sure how to exist in this world!

I know it's been awhile. I've been trying to force myself to be in a bloggy mood lately, but it hasn't worked. I want to write, but I don't want to write. Why? I don't know.

Marriage has been good. We're enjoying ourselves at least 98.5% of the time. The other 1.5% is spent mostly at work or in an occasional snit. But we like being normal. Sometimes he leaves notes for me on the bathroom mirror, and last night he brought me flowers.

Here's a few of the things I love about being married:
> No matter how long the day is, no matter how many things we have to do, no matter what keeps us apart for the daytime hours, I always get to crawl into bed beside my husband. And even if he falls asleep while I'm talking to him about my day, he's usually holding my hand as he does it, so it's still some kind of perfect.
> Everything matters on a different level now. The choices we make every day now affect each other, and I love thinking about that and making decisions together. Praying together about decisions, big or little, is fulfilling even before we hear the answer.
> Having more silverware has been amazing. For years I have been living on six forks, six spoons, and six knives. Suddenly, having a meal doesn't necessarily require washing a fork before I can eat. Yes!

A couple things that have been hard:
> Our friends and our church are the price we're paying for our decision. Seems to me it's the job of the church to lift up and encourage its people, and who needs that more than a newly married couple learning how to have a Christ-centered, successful marriage? So we're looking for a new church who will support and encourage. The great church search is a challenge, but it's sort of exciting, too.
> My dishwasher is tired. I swear I run it every day now. I'm not sure how one extra person can make such a difference!

In other news, lately most of my stress has been poured into the planning for the party. Next time I say I want to host a party, remind me that I hate planning! I love parties, though.

Early release from work today! I love holiday weekends.

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