September 23, 2007

10:08 AM: happy

This is going to be a good day. I can tell already. I'm ready for church and still have some time to sit here and read my hometown newspaper. Not that it's exciting, but it's home. I'm eating Frankenberry cereal, which means it's fall--and the best cereal season ever. Martin is singing for me. The Steelers will be on tv later, and that always makes me happy.

Mom's home from the beach, so that small and inexplicable annoyance in my life is fixed (inexplicable because, well, she doesn't live near me anyway. So, why should it matter?).

I found an article on commas that made me laugh. We are all the same.



2 Responses to “happy”

  1. # Blogger Ronni

    Did you know that you can get Frankenberry at Marc's all year round?

    I did. That makes me smile.

    It tastes better in the fall, though. :)  

  2. # Blogger Erin

    I finally read that comma article--I loved it! That guy is awesome. Two things I took away:

    1. We need a shorter work week. We work way too hard.

    2. "Commas are disparaged as literary clutter. They're axed in the name of stylistic "simplicity."" Amen. I'm a comma-slasher. Literary clutter indeed.  

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