July 08, 2007

6:42 PM: just us

For being 93 degrees, yesterday sure was refreshing. Spending time solely with my married-or-at-least-engaged friends has been difficult lately. I love them all, but being surrounded by couples only intensifies the feeling of being very alone. Yesterday was a full (and very hot) day, and I was wiped out when I finally got in my bed, but it was so nice to spend the day with a big group of single friends who aren't talking about weddings or honeymoons or who's moving in where and who aren't kissing or hugging every ten minutes. When I got home last night, I realized that I didn't feel lonely at all that day--not even once. I need more days like that. Plus, there were lots of soccer boys to check out...

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  1. # Blogger Erin

    Is that a toad? No wait...that's Jen.

    (I'm totally kidding, and I probably wouldn't even joke about that if there were a chance she'd read this, but I couldn't resist :))  

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