October 09, 2007

8:15 PM: lately

I finally finished reading the last chapter of the chemistry book that's been eating my brain away at work lately. There's actually a picture of Humpty Dumpty in that ridiculous book.

Emily's wedding is this weekend. I can't believe it's here! I've had a thousand things to do, but I'm starting to feel ready. In the spirit of timeliness, I burned myself with the curling iron on Sunday and have a nice hickey-looking mark on my neck.

Check out this right brain/left brain test. I can only see her spinning clockwise, but most of my friends think she's spinning counterclockwise. We were all looking at the same screen this morning trying to decide which of us were crazy.

Hey, I think fall might really be here!

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5 Responses to “lately”

  1. # Anonymous laurie

    I think she is going Clockwise. But, Matthew says Counter-clockwise. Weird!!!  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    At first I thought you were crazy, but then I started to think I was. Either way, it's freaky.  

  3. # Blogger Amanda, Ian, and Addison

    At first she was spinning counter-clockwise. Then I started to read the stuff about the right and left brain. When I looked back, she was spinning clockwise!! How'd she do that?!?  

  4. # Anonymous Candace

    She switched back and forth...from clockwise to counter-clockwise...so I could see both...weird...I guess I use both sides of my brain!!!  

  5. # Blogger Savannah

    i'm down with you, shann. counterclockwise. can't make her go the other way.  

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