November 18, 2007

5:44 PM: depravity and joy

I just finished watching an exceptionally disturbing episode of SVU. After watching a bunch of little kids die in a cult setting, the end was only slightly redeeming. Then on the screen flashed an "in memory of" dedication that made the whole thing feel far too real.

I've been having a somewhat emotional day anyway, so this was probably the last thing I needed to see. It's one of my favorite shows, but it really brings to life the depravity of the world and that can be really depressing. Why are we always finding new ways to hurt each other?

In contrast to what I just saw, I watched as a handful of children met Jesus this morning in our church service. Just like I cried for the children on TV just now, I cried for the children this morning. But thankfully the dead ones aren't real and the real ones will live forever. It's Thanksgiving week, and I'm so thankful for the joy the Lord gives us even as we are surrounded by the darkness of this world.



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  1. # Blogger Erin

    Amen. I need to start a thankfulness list. Here's one: I'm thankful for YOU!  

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