December 10, 2006

10:55 AM: NYC

The trip is over. Well, almost. The fun part, anyway. Now I'm working on getting home, and while I'm waiting, I thought I'd let you in on the party. You can click on the pictures to see bigger ones.

Here we are on the train. This was my first time on a train, and it was interesting. Not quite as clean as I was picturing, although I'm not sure why I imagined it would be. I think I was picturing a big charter bus, except on rails. But that's too clean in my imagination to be a good comparison, obviously.

And here's Jill planning out our trip. That's something New-Yorky out the window.

This is the madness at Macy's. It only took us an hour to locate the floor that housed Women's Coats. I was ready to slit my wrists after ten minutes. These crowds were completely ridiculous.

NBC Studios--Check out the peacock in candy!

Here we are in front of the tree in Rockefeller Center. It's huge!

And here's a picture of the tree without us covering it up.

And one more photo with some other, less-important-but-still-pretty NYC trees.

There are more, but I'll stop here. I'll upload them all to an album... eventually. Possibly including the photographic evidence from the Ugly-Christmas-Sweater party.
*edit: here's a link to the album.

It was fun! Cold, but fun. And now I'm sitting at Gate 11--back in the airport. Already laughed with a couple strangers. See you soon!

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7 Responses to “NYC”

  1. # Blogger The Gardners

    Looks like you had fun. I miss you girls!  

  2. # Blogger Erin

    Dude, just looking at that crowd at Macy's makes me want to slit my wrists. I wouldn't have made it through the front door, I think.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I am glad that you didn't slit your wrists. Alot of people would have missed you!!!


  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hey :) Glad you had a fun time! It was so crazy to be talking to you from my cube in Dallas while you were in the airport! Technology blows my mind sometimes. Anyway, looks like you had fun. And you look really good--are you losing weight?

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I'm glad you had fun! NYC is definitely unto itself! :)  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Whoops! That last post was from me - Patty :)  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    You look really good. I wouldn't mind dating you if you were willing.  

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