December 18, 2006

2:52 PM: surgery

I got word this morning that it's finally been scheduled. Wednesday morning at 10:00 will be the end of this sucker! (umm, not me. The cyst. Just so you know.) Goodbye, hairball. Goodbye, toothball.

I'm already starting to freak out, but I'm glad it will be over soon. I've never had surgery and I'm a big baby, so this is going to be interesting. Still trying to decide if it'll be better or worse when my mom gets here... I mean, it will be comforting, but I wonder if I'll just fall apart completely once I don't have to hold it together on my own anymore. I guess we'll see how strong I really am.

Pray with us that it can be done by laparoscopy and I won't need an open surgery. I'm pretty nervous about waking up and finding out which one it was. I also don't want to have to spend two nights in the hospital... talk about freaking out...

Here's a list of things you can bring me:
+ hugs
+ kisses
+ smiles
+ flowers
+ books
+ magazines
+ crossword puzzles
+ yarn for knitting
+ Christmas presents
+ Valid credit card numbers

Things you can't bring me:
- Work
- Newspapers
- Cute boys to see me in my hospital gown
- Good food I'll want to eat but can't
- Bad news
- Any more needles

Good luck, abdomen.


3 Responses to “surgery”

  1. # Anonymous J

    You can't have good food??? Are you allowed to have it when you are ready to eat it?? hmm...disappointing.  

  2. # Blogger Erin

    So you won't know which type of surgery beforehand? That must be rough. Praying for you, sister :(  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Thinking of you, Shan. You're still one of the toughest people I know, even if YOU don't always know it.

    Just think of this as a freaky story you get to tell at parties from now on. "Oh yeah? Well I had a toothy hairball removed from my ovary. Top that, sucka!"

    *kisses and prayers*

    - Autumn  

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