March 08, 2007

8:24 PM: Happy. But.

Life is good. I'm happy.


For the last couple months, I've been sneering at an occasional bill in the mail from the hospital. Every two weeks or so, I'll get another one. One from radiology. One from the ER. One from anesthetics. Not huge bills, but they start to add up. I thought my sneering might be over, because it had been awhile since I'd gotten another one.

Oh, but no. The biggest and baddest sneer was yet to come. Today I got what I assume is the final bill from the hospital. "Here," they said. "Your insurance company's had enough of you. Pay the rest of this or else." I was confused, but it finally clicked when I got to page 2 and there was a four-digit number in the "Pay Now" box.



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  1. # Blogger The Gardners

    Oh we understand. We just refinanced my car, paid off our medical bills, and made the joke that Lorelai is officially ours. :) It's okay, they have payment plans, so as long as you pay a little bit every month, they are happy with you. Ironically, my gall bladder surgery only cost "$13" because we had just about met our deductible after Lorelai was born. :) That was a long comment... sorry.  

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