January 18, 2007

11:15 PM: good

For the first time in quite awhile, I'm really content with my life at the moment. I'm happy and cozy. Things are good. More stuff makes me smile than makes me frown, and that's reason enough for me.

Things at work are good. Work is picking up and I'm starting to feel stressed again occasionally. This might seem like a bad thing, but really it's not. It makes me feel useful. It's good to feel like I have purpose at work. And keeping busy all day certainly makes the 8 hours of cubicle living go a whole lot faster.

Things at church are good. The Walk is growing so much lately. There are new people there every week, and, imagine this--they've even been coming back. It's been fun making new friends, and it's so exciting to go out to dinner and ask for a table for more than 20 people. Well, it's not so exciting for the servers, but it is for us.

Things at home are good. I signed a contract last week and I'm on my way to being a homeowner. In approximately one month I'll no longer be throwing away money on rent or owing an insane portion of my salary to the city of Delaware (grrr!). I'll be 2 miles from work, 5 miles from church, and way-fewer miles from various friends. If you want to help paint, you just let me know and I'll put a roller in your hand.

I'm reading a book Austin gave me. It's called The Mother Tongue and it's about the English language. I haven't been in the mood to read in ages, but I'm eating this up. It's so interesting, minus the few pages I just trudged through about evolution of man (regarding how speech and language came about). Hooray for getting back my passion for non-work-related reading!

I'm happy. Happy!

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5 Responses to “good”

  1. # Blogger Shannon

    I hate Delaware's tax policies! Every April I'm hostile towards the city as I see the numerous potholes and people speeding by my house as I pay my extra money to them. ROWR! Congratulations on the new place!  

  2. # Blogger The Gardners

    YAY for you!!! :)  

  3. # Blogger Amanda

    Wow! You're buying a house! Kudos to you! Glad you've found a happy place - physically and spiritually. :)  

  4. # Blogger Erin

    Can't wait until we're neighbors! Do I hear the Lost theme song? I think I do...  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    You have loved and lost so many. Whether it is gay men, fat religious guys or prisoners. You have to start looking at the choices you make.  

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