December 28, 2006

2:06 PM:

Christmas is over, the travels are over, the company's gone. There are still holes in my abdomen and there's still pain coming from them. But less of it!

My Christmas didn't turn out too badly, in spite of the consequences. Other than the surgery and being sore and incapable of lifting anything over 5 pounds or getting in and out of bed on my own or showering facing the water and... well, other than a lot of things, it was okay. We made it to the family Christmas at Laurie's, so I'm thankful for that.

I feel like a heathen this Christmas. I didn't make it to church in the morning OR for the Eve service, so my Christmas was all very secular this year. Although I guess my being incapable of sitting in a pew doesn't make the reason for the season any different, does it?

Other than the battle scars, I got what I wanted this year. Mom and Dad gave me my first sewing machine, on which I intend to become a young Martha. Laurie hooked me up with the accessories. It took three of us to figure out how to thread the bobbin, but it's up and running. Now I need someone to teach me how to use it.

I also got lots of fuzzy socks (Mom's favorite), a pretty watch with interchangeable bands made especially for me, a cute bag, a pretty snowflake pin, a cookbook, and a game for wordbrains. I got the annual coloring book and crayons in my stocking, and Mom and Dad actually heeded my wish list and bought me printer cartridges and paper!

I also got lots of pity and attention. You know I love it.

Here are some pictures (click). Nothing too exciting. Disclaimer: I've been lying around in pajamas for days.

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  1. # Blogger Erin

    I'll teach you!

    Where are the pictures?  

  2. # Blogger Shannon

    There's a link. Click on it. :)  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Eeeeeeeeeeee! Sewing is sooooo fun. Now we can be Martha clones together and make all sorts of things for our friends who never asked for homemade crap. :)

    A good book to buy is "Sew U" by Wendy Mullin. I also like Amy Butler's book "In Stitches."

    I'm still learning, too, but my-oh-my is it grand.

    I'm glad you still managed to have a "hole-y" Christmas, even without church. hee hee

    - Autumn  

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