December 20, 2007

10:42 AM: christmasing

It's Thursday, but it feels like Friday. It's party week at work and no one's getting much done. Folks have mentally checked out for Christmas vacation, so sitting here at my desk feels a little like a waste of time. We have our next party at 11:30, so in less than an hour, I'll be freed from my cubicle chains, eating good food, white elephanting, and taking lots of pictures, of course.

December tends to be party heavy, but I love it. So far, I've enjoyed the Walk Christmas Party:

The Ugly-Christmas-Sweater Party:

A secret Santa Party (I'll leave off the photo of my boss playing Santa);
A special S&S (photo-free--Amazing, I know!);

And our company party:

One party today. One party Friday. Then come the family festivities.

I love to party.

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