December 08, 2007

4:34 PM: mad mad mad mad world

I'm sitting at Josh's, trying to talk myself down from the great frustration that has me on the top of Anger Mountain. I feel just a little bit insane right now.

Waiting is not one of my gifts. I hate to wait, but I agreed to sit here and anticipate the arrival of the cable guy at J's new place. Apparently, even when given a FOUR-HOUR WINDOW, Time Warner still cannot make it anywhere on time.

I've been here for five hours wasting away my Saturday. I called them at 4:05, already seething, and the lady on the phone gave me the run-around for not knowing the last four digits of J's social, the correct street address, or the account number. Listen, lady. All I know is that you are wasting my time, and if you were within strangling distance, my fingers would be sore right now. She said she'd have Mr. Late-Ass call me with an ETA, but that was 40 minutes ago and I'm still sitting here in great anticipation. Except now, I'm seething even more than I was before.

I don't generally get this angry, so it's sort of disturbing me. It shouldn't matter so much, but I guess the waiting, the incompetency, and my hormones are making a really bad cocktail today, and I've thrown back way too many.

Send calming thoughts my way, please.

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