December 12, 2007

9:59 PM:

Sick. Bored. Sick. Bored. Sick. Bored.


I guess this makes two complainy posts in a row. I haven't been complaining constantly since Saturday, I promise! But I'm sick, and that makes me whiny. And I can't go to work tomorrow--doctor's orders--and being bored makes me whiny, too. I need something to do to kill the time. I'm trying to sleep as much as I can, but when I lie down, I cough too much to sleep. And my nose won't stop running, which means I have a tissue permanently lodged in one nostril. I can work on getting a picture of this if you really need the visual. I have no pride when it comes to my running nose.

I finished my book over the weekend... that's always exciting news. I started a new book today and I'm a couple chapters in. I read some good things I was considering quoting here. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow when I'm bored all over again.

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  1. # Blogger Amanda, Ian, and Addison

    Hope you are over your cold!  

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