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June 21, 2008

12:35 PM: party and stuff

Did you know it's hot and humid? It's our neighborhood's community yard sale day, and having just merged households, we had tons of junk to get rid of. I'm a shy girl, so sitting out here on display while people paw through (and often reject) my stuff isn't my idea of fun. Plus, it's hot, I'm bored, and my butt hurts from sitting on the stoop because someone bought the lawn chair from under me.

I kept meaning to write about the party. In spite of the rain, it was a great time. After fretting for as long as the date showed up in the 10-day forecast (and even a couple days before, I'll admit), when we woke up, our Friday the 13th was a beautiful day. I decided not to even look at the forecast for the entire day. We had planned to get dressed and go early to take pictures at the location with the pretty stuff behind us, but when we heard thunder rumble through around noon, my sister suggested we take some in the backyard just in case. Good thing, because we never saw the sun again for the rest of the day. Regardless, the pictures turned out well enough, even though Josh was super cranky about being hot in his wool suit in the 90-degree weather (note: he was cranky about feeling hot, but I'm pretty sure he enjoyed looking hot). Noah was not a good sport and refused to pose and smile, but we weren't really expecting better.

It was great that all my family was able to make it in and good to meet Josh's dad. We had exactly 50 people at the party, even though we almost lost one or two in the giant bonfire. The rain stopped about an hour in, so we were able to get outside eventually, but even so, the barn was great and the rain cooled things off enough that being inside was just fine.

All in all, it was a success, but I am so glad it's over! Anyway, thanks, friends. We love you!


3 Responses to “party and stuff”

  1. # Blogger Ronni

    The photo of you kissing is my favorite! :)  

  2. # Anonymous cari

    is it odd that I think it's weird you have bigger boobs than him in the mr and mrs burke shirts even though the girls SHOULD have bigger boobs? lol

    ok.. now I am disturbed with myself.. why did I envision Josh with bigger boobs?? LOL!!!

    you guys are beautiful, minus my silliness : )

    we're expecting bad weather too :(  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    We had fun! The barn/property was beautiful!!

    Sasha (our puppy) thought the celebration was all for HER! ha-ha!


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