March 20, 2008

4:37 PM: empty

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Holy fire
burn away
my desire
for anything
that is not of you
and is of me
'cause i want more of you
and less of me

empty me
empty me
and fill
won't you fill me
with you
with you

Nothing wise to say lately. Struggling a little. Sometimes a lot.

I'm learning lately about what it really means to be emptied. Maybe I'm being emptied... a little, anyway. I want it... but I wish I wanted it more. But Josh wants it, and watching that has been humbling. Sometimes really amazing, but sometimes hard. Ultimately, I do want to come second. But I am sometimes selfish, and in the little moments, I can't help it. My flesh wants to come first.

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2 Responses to “empty”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I can relate to that--I want to, but I really just want to want to.

    Big hugs! Love you!  

  2. # Anonymous cari

    I really just want to too..  

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