September 12, 2008

5:11 PM: oh, baby

I guess this is the year for Burkeish announcements, because we have another one for you. We're pregnant!

We got a positive test back in August, so it's been a month of secret-keeping. We had our first ultrasound yesterday, though, at 8 weeks, and all is well. We saw and heard a heartbeat (160!) and wow, was it a beautiful sound. I've been pretty anxious waiting to hear that everything was okay, so it was a huge relief. I almost couldn't believe it when I saw the little flickering heart on the screen!

Baby measured yesterday at 8w2d, which is two days ahead of where we thought we were. The due date is April 23.

I set up a blog a few weeks ago and I guess now it's safe to make it public. So you can follow us at

Shannon, Josh, Noah, and BB


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