May 26, 2007

9:55 PM: quote of the day

"Daddy, I can't walk. My finger hurts."
-Allie, convincing Andy to carry her as we were walking to Franklin Park Conservatory today.

We made a special trip to FPC to see the butterfly exhibit because she's fascinated by butterflies. Turned out she was far more fascinated with the fact that we got to ride a bus from a remote parking lot... because there happened to be a giant festival going on in Franklin Park today. Really... she was very excited about the bus. The butterflies were good too, but the bus... wow.

I'm sleepy.



3 Responses to “quote of the day”

  1. # Blogger The Gardners

    Awww too cute. I am glad her quote prompted you to update. :)  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    How cute :) I love kids and how easily fascinated they are!  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Matthew was 10 when we took a trip to NYC. We had a bus tour. Of course the bus driver was VERY proficient in navagating the narrow streets and weaving in and out of traffic (yellow cabs).

    Matthew told the bus driver, at one point, "Boy, you sure know how to drive this bus!" :)


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