December 23, 2007

3:38 PM: the way to go

I'm sitting on the floor in the airport. There's a plane on fire outside my window. No, really! There's lots of smoke and flashing lights, and we just found out there's a plane on fire in the hangar. And not just that, but the hangar's on fire, too. Here's hoping my plane is cool as a cucumber.

It doesn't feel like Christmas yet. I'm not sure what it's going to take--maybe once we get there and I'm in a house full of people I love and they start to drive me crazy--maybe then it will feel like the holidays.

I was remembering this morning how crazy last Christmas was for me with the surgery and all. I feel thankful this year for the simple things, like pain-free traveling (well, minus the one-hour delay we have so far), the ability to wear pants (oh, the little things!), and especially being able to go to the Christmas Eve service. It didn't feel like Christmas last year when I couldn't go to church. But I didn't think they'd appreciate my showing up in the old-lady nightgown I was living in at the time...

I had to leave one of my best Christmas blessings behind today, though, and that's a little sad. Since I couldn't stuff Josh in my carry-on bag (it was him or my laptop, and you can see who won), I had to kiss him goodbye last night and I'll be counting down the days--even though I'm sure they'll be good ones--until he picks us up on Friday evening.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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