September 15, 2008

11:24 AM: power

You know, I find it kind of disturbing to realize how difficult it is for us to live without electricity. One day and I have already found myself extremely bored and suffering internet withdrawal, my phone and computer died since they couldn't be recharged, my car almost ran out of gas and there was not a gas station anywhere with power, the food in my refrigerator--including the milk I just bought yesterday--has spoiled, it's hot in my house, I'm tripping over stuff in the dark, and my allergies are a disaster from sleeping with the windows open.

I went to pick up Noah last night in the middle of the wind storm and I tried to go three different ways before I could find a road that wasn't blocked by emergency vehicles or giant now-dead trees. And by the time I got to Johnstown, I wasn't sure I'd make it back since my gas light was blinking and there wasn't a gas station anywhere that could actually give me some gas. We ate dinner in candlelight, which could've been romantic except that Josh spent most of the time complaining about my candle selection being scented and pretty rather than functional and light-producing.

I was sure work would be canceled today, but lo and behold, our building--which loses power at the slightest sneeze of the system--was standing and glowing amidst the darkness of the rest of Columbus.

I just keep thinking about how we would survive if a real crisis were to happen. I guess we should be better prepared.


3 Responses to “power”

  1. # Anonymous Candace

    Not sure how long you were without out power but...we went 61 hours without it this week...and there are still people without power!! So I can understand because I went without for 61 hours...including missing the Steelers Browns Game...  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Our condo never lost power and our work was closed for two days. I could have enjoyed it if I'd actually been home. Oh well.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Yes, it's a shame that we are WAY too reliant on electricy and all the things that "spoil us." :)

    I get in a VERY bad mood when the electricity goes out.

    Plus, our septic/sump pump doesn't work when the electric goes much for showers! BLAH!

    We were only out for 5 hours and I have NOTHING to complain about!


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