October 08, 2008

11:56 AM: a home for betsy [please]

Once upon a time, I had only one cat. One cat, Jonah, has gone through lots of life with me. College, marriage, moves, divorce, numerous boyfriends, remarriage. One cat, Betsy, became mine through a slightly rash decision and although I love her, man, I have for many years now wished I could go back to having a one-cat household. Up until recently, I wouldn't have considered rehoming her because she is pretty attached to me. But the idea of having two cats and two kids in our small place had me almost convinced, and then yesterday she tried to take Noah's eye out.

She's jealous, I get it... but still, Noah has nice eyes. And I don't think she's going to be any less jealous of a new baby in the house. Besides, Josh is always kicking her off the bed or the couch, and really she just needs a loving lap to sit in all the time.

She's a super affectionate cat--lap cat all the way. She always wants to be on me or beside me, she loves sleeping in the bed, she purrs loudly and sometimes gets so happy she slobbers. She's housebroken and not bull-headed at all. She's about three years old, cute except her eyes are a little wide, and she has claws I trim but she's never been outside.

Anyone want to help out a poor kitty? If you or anyone you know (without kids) is looking for a loving lap cat, please let me know. I can go the craigslist route, but I am really hoping I can find a friend or a friend of a friend who I know will give her the attention she needs.


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    Aw, Betsy! I'd consider it, but two cats is enough for us. I love Betsy, though! If we were catless (or just had Obie), I'd take her in a second.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Jonah got his wish, huh? I know he's behind all of this. ;) j/k

    Sorry. I can't take any cats (which stinks) since Matthew is allergic to them now. :(

    You'll find her a good home, I know. :)


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